Friday, March 20, 2009

Feelin' Like Summer

Hello everyone, let me start by apologizing for my long, long absence. I really don't have an excuse, other than I haven't felt much like cooking anything that hasn't already been blogged about. Plus, I'm swamped with reading from a yoga course right now, so I really don't have time to do much else beyond work and read (OK, I guess that was an excuse wasn't it?).

We are leaving today for Disney World (I'm still doing laundry, so of course in true procrastinator fashion, NOTHING is ready to what's a good procrastinator to do, sit down at the computer and waste half of the morning surfing the internet and blogging, of course!!). Anyway, the point of telling you we are leaving on vacation today was to warn you that my return to the blogosphere will be short lived.

Unfortunately, for my short lived return I don't even have a recipe for you, only the lovely photo above of what may now be my new favorite meal, and something that is sure to be made over and over again this summer......Mexican Sunflower Salad. This dish is fantastic, it's nothing but chopped up sunflower seeds, tomato, onion, cilantro and some spices, olive oil and lemon juice as a dressing, and it's out of this world. My favorite way to eat it so far is wrapped up in a nice big lettuce leaf with some alfalfa sprouts. I'm waiting for permission to reprint the recipe here, so check back often because when I do this will quickly become your new summertime favorite too!!
I'll be back in a few weeks with my "Vegan Disney"'s hopin' I'll get to eat more than undressed salad over the next 8 days!!!


Virginia said...

i can't wait for the disney report!!

Chris @ Beyond Ramen said...

Don't worry about the little hiatus - everyone gets a little busy :) Have a wonderful time at Disney!

Vegetation said...

The salad looks great! Have fun on your trip!

jodye said...

That salad sounds like it would be right down my alley, it looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

I hope you had more than an undressed salad at disney! I know my husband and i did on our honeymoon so hopefully you found all the vegan treats and how accomodating disney can be