Thursday, December 11, 2008

Not a Holiday, Holiday dinner

Here's that "holiday" dinner I promised you..........I made the Vegan Turkey Roast from Everyday Dish. Mine doesn't look as appetizing as Julie's, but it was still tasty. Mairin really liked it, and she doesn't like much!! Rob and I were both pleased with the results. Only, I wish I had an electric slicer so I could make the slices thinner. This was a trial run for our Christmas meal, and while we were all satisfied with the seitan roast, we decided that it's probably not the best thing to feed to our entirely omnivorous family. I know that when I became vegetarian I would not have enjoyed eating seitan, it took a long time for me to come around, so plopping a big seitan roast on the table is probably not the best thing to do for Christmas dinner!!

We had all the fixin's along with the roast; mashed potatoes, dressing, green beans, and brussels sprouts. The brussels sprouts were sauteed in olive oil along withe some yellow pearl onions. When they were nicely sauteed I added in about 1 Tbs of Earth Balance and enough bread crumbs to lightly coat. This is by far one of the best ways to eat brussels sprouts.

In other news......two of my sweet readers nominated me for the butterfly award. Thank you to Chessa and Elizabeth. I really appreciate the award and I'm so glad that you still put up with me considering my recent lack of blogging. I promise to reciprocate your generosity, and play along with the butterfly award, just as soon as I have some time!!


Vegetation said...

I've never made a seitan roast, they scare me for some reason. Yours looks yummy! Sorry it was a no go-er for Christmas though :( But still.....yum!

Veg-a-Nut said...

Your roast looks good too. Julie's seems so much lighter in color than mine and yours. I wonder why. I had wished I had an electric slice. It would make fantastic sandwiches with the super thin sliced roast. I have an electric knife and never thought of using it. silly me.

I love you veggie dish!

carrie said...

Vegetation - This roast is super easy, and nothing to be scared of.

Veg-a-Nut - I was assuming my roast was much more dark in color because I used homemade stock that was quite dark and rich....but maybe not. Julie's was as white as white meat turkey wasn't it. I thought your's looked so much nicer than was so nicely browned on the outside. I'm definitely going to try this again, maybe I'll have better luck next time.