Saturday, February 23, 2008

Quick and Easy Repeat

I have to attend a CEU course all weekend , which means getting up at 6am, and not returning home until around 6pm. Not my idea of a pleasant weekend, but something that unfortunately has to be done.

So tonight's dinner was a repeat of ED&BV's Popeye Pasta that I have blogged about before. I think this is a great recipe, it's quick and it's delicious. And an added bonus, it's a great pairing of an iron rich leafy green with the necessary Vitamin C. Just for an added iron boost we had a spinach salad with blood orange vinaigrette to go along with our pasta.

Tonight Mairin ate a surprising amount of pasta and claimed that now she "loves spinach". I will be the happiest mama on Earth if that's the case, but I'm skeptical, and pretty sure that tomorrow she'll be turning her nose up at the leftovers!!

For dessert we finished off our Cherrybrook Kitchen brownies, as there were exactly 4 left since we ate 4 of them last night.

OK, I guess by now you are wondering how I made 8 brownies in a square pan, right?? You got me, there were actually 9. Don't tell my kids, but I ate one of them slathered with peanut butter for breakfast ;)

Anyway, tonight we topped the brownies with ED&BV's Warm Raspberry Sauce. Oh my, was that ever a good idea!! Raspberries and chocolate rock!!

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