Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Vegan Indianapolis

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So, I know that I said the weekends were going to be when I do most of my cooking now that school has started. Here we are, a weekend has passed, and I've yet to post a dish. As it turns out, I didn't cook this weekend. We took a short trip up to Indianapolis to see Bill Maher. I've really been missing Real Time this summer, so it was great to see Maher again. And, it reminded me that his movie Religulous is due out soon (which I can't wait to see). In addition to Bill's intelligent, witty and liberal take on politics and his humorous and thought provoking views on world religion, Bill is on the board of PETA, an animal rights activist, and not at all shy about telling the American people that they are fat and unhealthy because of their addiction to a meat based diet!! Go Bill!!! Oh yes, I can't forget the hilarious aside to this we left the theater there were a group of people (probably 40 or so) standing on the sidewalk, holding candles, and singing hymns, praying to save our souls. Apparently Bill Maher has very few friends in the religious circle!!

Vegan eating in Indy isn't really as easy as I thought it would be. There isn't even one 100% vegetarian restaurant in the entire city. Plus, being that we were staying downtown and the show was downtown we, of course, wanted to eat downtown. Our best shot at getting vegan food downtown was PF Chang's. With the vegetarian lettuce wraps, and the coconut curry vegetables, it was a very satisfying vegan meal. For breakfast the next day we drove to The Abbey, which is the one restaurant/cafe in Indy that features vegetarian/vegan options. Here we had some incredibly good vegan pancakes smothered with the freshest, sweetest berries I've had in quite some time. This little place is definitely a gem in Indy's dining scene. I can't wait to go back and try some of their lunch/dinner options which all sounded incredible!!

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