Monday, May 11, 2009

Food Again

Finally, some food to post. This is actually something we had several weeks ago, that I'm just now getting around to posting about. I'm not sure what has changed in my life, but I recently seem so overwhelmed with things to do that cooking has taken a backseat. We've been having a lot of simple repeats recently, and experimenting with a lot of homemade pizzas (which just seem too mundane to blog about). Even on my evenings off I've been looking for quick and easy recipes/methods. Enter this Jamaican Jerk Seitan with Caribbean Coconut Rice and Greens. The rice recipe comes from the May (I believe) issue of vegetarian times, and the seitan is simply Westsoy Chicken style seitan simmered in a jar of Whole Foods brand Jerk marinade. Quick, easy, and tasty. Perfect for a busy summer weeknight.
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jodye said...

I love a simple, easy meal like this. It sounds so satisfying!