Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Allow me to introduce myself

I'm Carrie, mother to two beautiful daughters (Mairin and Stella), and wife to one fantastic husband (Rob). We became vegetarian about 4 months ago (OK, well, I became vegetarian, my daughters and husband are vegetarian by default because I prepare their meals). I decided to try a vegetarian diet as a personal challenge (we've tried before and failed) and it has since grown into an ethical and health related decision.

We live in Southern Indiana where a meat and potatoes diet abounds, so it hasn't always been easy. Most of my family and friends haven't quite wrapped their heads around it yet, and I still get offered invitations to eat lots of meat based meals.

I will be 31 next month, so as you can imagine, after 30 years of being an omnivore, making the switch has been quite an adventure. I've had to relearn how to cook, learn about a lot of interesting ingredients I would have never dreamed of cooking with before (quinoa and nutritional yeast for instance.....I didn't even know either of these things existed before a few months ago), and learn how to maintain a balanced diet free of meat. Preparing meals other than spaghetti and salad has also been quite an adventure. So, inspired by some mama's at MotheringDotCommune, I've decided to start this food blog to share my adventures with you. I hope that by sharing I will be inspired to create a more varied menu for us, and inspire a few of you who aren't vegetarian to take the plunge and attempt to eat more ethically (that is if anyone is actually reading!!). I'll tell you with fair warning that I am not extremely creative in the kitchen, so a lot of our meals are borrowed from cookbooks and other food blogs. I'll give credit when and where I can, and if I've borrowed a recipe from you without giving you credit, I apologize in advance, it's because I can't remember where I got the recipe in the first place.

I hope you enjoy our vegetarian adventure............Happy Eating!!!


Michelle said...

congrats on going veg! it can be quite the adventure, especially in the beginning, but it does get much easier as it goes along.

michelle... a fellow MDC'er :)

carrie said...

thanks michelle, it is getting easier. I'm glad someone's reading the blog, it will encourage me to keep up with it!!

Steph said...

Hey Carrie, I am not veg...but I definately support you! Although I must admit you have some yummy dishes up there...the pototo soup sounds good!!! Talk to you later girls...Steph

Steph said...
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