Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Unaverage American Diet

Last week fellow food blogger, The Dalai Mama, posted about her weekly grocery purchases after reading an article showcasing an average weeks worth of groceries around the world. I found her post very interesting, and thought it would be fun to post about our weekly purchases. Like The Dalai Mama, one thing that struck me about the article was the amount of money some of these families were spending on their grocery bill in just one week. The other thing that I noticed when flipping through the pictures was the amount of unhealthy and highly processed food that the average American purchases weekly (not that we don't purchase anything unhealthy or processed, but compared to the photographs in the article, we look like pillars of health!!). Another thing I noticed was the amount of soda a lot of the families had out with their purchases. We purchase soda only for special occasions, like summer bar-b-ques, and various other social gatherings, but never as a weekly staple.

We will be consuming most of what you see here this week. Of course, it was time to stock up on some staples like olive oil, rice, tahini, and coffee. But the rest of the food will be used throughout this week. Yes, we really will go through that many bananas (and more if I bought them, the girls LOVE their 'nanas.......and their Nana too!!)


The Dalai Mama said...

Your weekly food selection could easily be mine!

Michelle said...

have you read Hungry Planet yet?? it's an amazing book. i'd definately recommend it. it's so eye opening.