Sunday, October 14, 2007

Quick and easy Indian

I was lazy today. We had a long night awake with a sick baby Saturday night, then Mairin had a birthday party to go to this afternoon, so I didn't have a lot of energy or time for cooking. I took a little help from a jar of simmer sauce and a box of frozen naan.

I had some chickpeas frozen from a few weeks ago, so we had chickpeas and onions simmered in Taj Gourmet brand Dehli Korma simmer sauce. I also added in about 1 Tbs of mango chutney to sweeten it up a bit. The korma was served over white basmati rice that I spiced up with a dash of turmeric, cumin, and mace. On the side we had garlic naan from Tandoor Chef. Simple, quick, and delicious!!!!


Michelle said...

mmmm... indian food! my favourite!

LizzyQ ~ Vegan Mother said...

Indian is my favorite too.. I never make it because it is never as good as the restaurants.. but this looks YUMMY

carrie said...

lizzyQ - I also rarely make Indian for that same reason. This however was really good (and while I have no idea if it's a "real" Indian dish, it had a very authentic flavor). We have Indian friends that we will be having a meal with in a few weeks, and I've been promised mountains of cookbooks, so I'm sure there will be more Indian posts to come.