Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hola from Sunny Mexico!!


Hola faithful readers....(is anyone still reading??) Obviously not much food preparation going on here. The extent of my food prep has been walking to the buffet and picking out fillings for my omlette every morning!! I just wanted to check in with all you guys to say hello and Happy Thanksgiving to you.

The weather is great....sunny and in the 80's. The pool is warm, the sea is gorgeous, and the drinks are delicious. Eating has been quite an adventure for me here. There's ALOT of meat served around these parts. Unfortunately, I haven't remained totally veggie while we've been here. But, I'm happy to say my only non-veggie meals have been seafood. We had dinner at a Japanese restaurant twice and I couldn't pass on the free sushi they brought as a starter (but I did order a veggie dish). And, just today, they were serving a seafood feast out at the pool. I ate octopus salad, the biggest steamed prawns you've ever laid eyes on, steamed mussels and grilled salmon. It looked and smelled delicious, so I gave in to my temptations and feasted!!

I'll be back to the kitchen on Sunday!!!
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The Dalai Mama said...

Oh, you're so lucky! The food sounds so good. I can't go completely veg because I just can't give up fish/seafood. I don't blame you for indulging.

carrie said...

we had a great time DM, didn't want to come home. I don't have any trouble giving up the seafood at home, but it was really my only option there (there were next to no vegetarian dishes served). And, while I do realize fish are living creatures, it still seems a lot more compassionate than eating another mammal, KWIM?