Thursday, November 8, 2007

Pancakes for Dinner

Tonight's dinner wasn't at all creative, and really wasn't blog worthy either, but I can't only write about the really awesome meals can I? I mean, I am human, and we do have many, many less than creative meals. So, here ya go.......pancakes and scrambled eggs. And, guess what, the pancakes aren't even home-made, they are made with Whole Foods Market 365 brand pancake mix!!

Rob has been out of town this week, and he's due back tonight. Mairin loves to "be silly" and eat pancakes when her daddy is out of town, so, with him returning later tonight, we had to get this one in . I served them up with some scrambled eggs, because eggs make me feel better about serving pancakes for dinner......we're at least getting some protein.

I did do a little bit of real cooking today though. We've been invited to share a Thanksgiving with some friends tomorrow, and I made a home-made pumpkin pie to bring. Unlike the pancakes, this is completely from scratch (I didn't even used canned pumpkin on this one!!).

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