Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bombay Spiced Chickpeas

Last night I made the Chickpeas and Spiced Potato Cakes from the Best Ever Curry Cookbook. The book says this is a dish served by street vendors in Bombay.......I've never been to India, so I couldn't tell you. The book isn't a vegetarian cookbook, but it has a lot of recipes that are adaptable by adding tofu, and there are a few, such as this one that need no adaptation at all. Hey, it was on the discount table at the bookstore and I got it for $3.99, couldn't pass it up, even if it was filled with meals for meat-eaters.

The chickpeas were delicious. Just boiled chickpeas combined with tumeric, coriander, cumin, ginger and green chilies. They were nicely spiced and the little bit of heat the chili added was perfect.

The potato cakes were really good as well. Just mashed potatoes, seasoned with cumin, cilantro, and diced chili. Mix it up, form it into cakes and shallow fry it. Like I said, really tasty, but I am not good at frying things at all, so mine were less than pretty.

I will definately make this again, although, I need to work on the frying thing.

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The Dalai Mama said...

That looks delish! Frying potato cakes is one of the most frustrating things ever! I've got pancakes and grilled cheese down, but I make a big mess every time I try potato cakes.