Sunday, May 4, 2008

Light Sunday Afternoon Lunch

We weren't really hungry for lunch after our waffles this morning (the girls actually slept in and we got around to eating breakfast quite late). Rob had a lot to do outside today, and we knew he'd need some fuel to make it through the afternoon, so skipping lunch was out of the question. I decided that a light lunch of hummus and crudite would be perfect.

I've been wanting to try the Black Bean-Orange Hummus from Eat Drink and Be Vegan for quite some time now. Today seemed like the perfect day to give it a try. Wow, this hummus will knock your socks off. It is so good. I tell you, Dreena Burton is a genious when it comes to hummus!! We thought we loved the Chipotle Lime Two Bean Hummus until we tried this one.....Black Bean-Orange Hummus has now taken over 1st place on our favorite hummus list!!


Jenny said...

I have been on a hummus and veggies kick for lunch lately! I haven't tried this variety, but after your rave review, I just may have to!

carrie said...

Jenny, I almost always have hummus in my fridge. My kids love it for snacking, and I eat it in some form nearly every day!! I can't believe it took me so long to make this.

I should add that I didn't use the almond butter (nut allergy), instead I just used tahini.