Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Blame it on Barack

I had something new planned for dinner tonight, but instead we ended up eating spaghetti with sauce from a jar. You can blame it on Barack......we spent the better part of our day at a town hall forum/rally for Obama. On my teaching days, if I can't start dinner right after lunch then we usually end up with something fast and easy.

Barack was worth spaghetti and jarred sauce. It was amazing to see him so close, and to hear him speaking in person. If you think it's moving to hear him give speeches on television, you wouldn't believe how moving it is to actually hear it in person. The sheer excitement of him being introduced almost brought me to tears.

We had our children with us, and they behaved absolutely perfectly. Mairin woke up early this morning excited to see Barack. And Stella asked all morning if it was time to see Mrack Omama. As Barack was making his way to the podium, little Stella was even chanting "Yes We Can" .

He pretty much did the usual stump speech, and then he answered a handful of questions from the crowd. As he was wrapping up we made our way to the front of the barricades, and *gasp*, shook hands with the man himself. He even took Stella's little hand in both of his, looked right at her and said "How are you doing, sweetheart". Again, I almost shed tears. We get our chance to vote two weeks from today, and I have never been so excited to vote, ever.

Change We Can Believe In


Anne said...

Jealous! I live in PA and I am so ashamed of my state. Boo on everyone who didn't vote for Obama!

Sorry, lost my composure. Wanted to send you "Good Luck!" for the BoB Awards. I was lucky enough to have won for 2005. It was so so good.

Love your blog!

The Dalai Mama said...

Now that's freakin' cool. This may be the first year that the candidates actually have to campaign in WV. When the do come to WV, they go to Charleston, Wheeling or Martinsburg. Never Mo-town.

carrie said...

Hi Anne -

Thanks for commenting. I'm glad you like the blog....I have a lot of fun doing it. Thanks for the wishes of luck as well!!

DM -

This is the first time in my lifetime that Indiana has really mattered in a primary as well, so all of the attention we are getting is pretty cool, and I expect Barack will be back locally again within the next 2 weeks!!