Monday, April 21, 2008

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Nothing new for dinner tonight to share with you. We had Snobby Joes and Sweet Potato Fries. The only thing I had worth sharing tonight were these yummy Chocolate Covered Strawberries. I was so excited to go to the store this weekend and find organic's a sure sign summer is coming!!

I try to buy organic whenever possible, but as you all know, it's not always possible. Strawberries however are one of the dirty dozen, so I only buy organic. It's not easy to find organic strawberries throughout the winter months, so they are something we only get to enjoy during the warmer months.

I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do with these berries. I first thought of making shortcakes, then thought I would just serve them sprinkled with sugar. I finally decided on one of our favorites, chocolate covered!!

For the chocolate, I melted 1/2 cup vegan chocolate chips in the microwave with 2 Tbs vanilla soy milk. Be careful not to burn the chocolate, checking it every few seconds. I sprinkle the plate with powdered sugar to help the berries from sticking once the chocolate hardens. After dipping the berries and sprinkling with powdered sugar, chill in the refrigerator until ready to serve. YUM!!


Alex said...

Chocolate is the best when it melts so creamy and soft in your mouth and it slides down your throat.

I do have a chocolate site too, check this out

Thanks for letting me comment on your site :D

keeta said...

Something new to make next time my DH goes out of town! They look awesome.