Saturday, April 19, 2008

Eating out Vegan

The weather has been absolutely fabulous here. We've been spending most of our time outdoors, and I haven't felt much like cooking. Playing outside all day can really tire a person out!! Last night we decided we were going to get pizza (ok, so it's not actually eating out, but it's not home cooked, so you get the point). We usually get pizza from a local joint called Mazerella's Upper Crust Pizza. I usually just get the veggie pizza without cheese, and it's ok. It's not great, but it works.

Well, last night Rob had to make a few stops on his way home from work, so we decided to get Papa Murphy's take 'n bake. I had the vegetarian gourmet pizza, with no cheese and with tomato sauce rather than the creamy garlic. I am so glad we got Papa Murphy' was so delicious. This will definitely be our "don't feel like cooking, let's have pizza" pizza from now on!! Just look at it, it was absolutely loaded with veggies (most other places, unfortunately, skimp on the veggies and just fill it up with cheese........and you really notice the sparse use of veg when you hold the cheese!!)

Tonight my mom kept the girls while Rob and I went and did some much needed shopping, and went out for dinner. We ate at Zen Garden, Louisville's only all vegetarian restaurant. This was my first time eating at an all veg restaurant, and it was such a great have my choice of anything on the menu was so refreshing. Well, actually, I couldn't choose from everything because they did have egg rolls, and one dish made with egg noodles, but aside from those 2 dishes, everything else was fair game. And would you believe that the desserts were vegan!! Seriously, this is my new favorite restaurant, and I'm already psyched to go back.

The menu is all Asian (except for dessert, which tonight was vegan chocolate peanut butter pie, and vegan carrot cake). I started off with the Zen roll, which was just a California roll with cucumber, avocado and carrot. For my entree I had the Kung Pao Tofu. Rob got egg rolls to start and the Singapore Noodles. We shared entree's and both were outstanding. We finished off with one of each dessert and they were both great. Carrot cake is my absolute favorite, and the "cream cheese" icing was so incredibly authentic no one would ever know it was vegan. YUM.

Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me. We had a great seat right next to the window with lots of natural light and the dishes all looked so nice. I wish I had some photos to share with you. But, fear not, I have a feeling we will be returning very, very soon!!!


Jenny said...

The Asian restaurant sounds delicious! And yum! for the carrot cake!

keeta said...

Isn't it awesome to be able to order (almost) anything from a restaurant!? I'm so glad you guys had a great time out! And that carrot cake sounds outrageous!